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KONNICHI HA ! As you can see, my name is SAN..., SAN.SAN. It's the first time I do something serious on the internet. I'm here to show you the best manga of the world (of course it's my own opinion and if you think dragon ball Z is the best manga of the world, tough shit!)
If you like jokes,action and "yaoi" love'll love FAKE!(and me of course:)

Sanami Matoh La photo de Matoh

first of all...SANAMI MATOH is a girl!
we could think she's pulling her pullover over her chin so as to hide a typical masculine beard... but no!

WHY IS SHE MY FAVORITE MANGAKA ?(and maybe yours in a couple of minutes)
* she's very funny (just look at the manga and you will understand)
* she's drawing as a goddess (just look at the manga and you will understand)
* she sent me a great letter and she did big efforts to write it in english (and guess what? she's japanese!)

*"FAKE" from 1994 to ????(be-boy comics)
*"RAI" from ???? to ????(zero comics)
*"BLACKxBLOOD" from 1994 to ???? (animage chara comics)
* and illustrations for the novel "BODY GUARD"(Be-boy novels)


first of all,some informations about the characters

All that what you've always dreamt to know about FAKE!
Fake 1 Fake 2 Fake 3 Fake 4 Fake 5
just click on the picture for the story of each volumes...very simple ^-^

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